Arm Cast Smells

Of the many problems that come with wearing a hard cast—like reduced mobility, or decreased sensation in the mending appendage for several months at a time—the inability to properly care for the hygiene of the skin underneath the cast is perhaps the most problematic of all. The skin underneath your cast isn’t going to stop breathing, sweating, shedding dead cells and producing new ones, just because it’s now encased in plaster and fiberglass. The reduction of air flow underneath the cast, in some cases, is likely to produce accelerated sweating of the skin and flaking of old, dead epidermis. Lack of natural light, constricted pores, and the inability to wash and clean the skin are all contributing factors to cast smell. Whether it’s a broken leg or arm cast smell can make an already difficult situation worse. Sani-Cast has the solution to the cast smell problem. If sanitation is key, then using a wire hanger or an old ruler to dig around inside your cast is the last thing you’d want to do. Either one might easily get stuck inside the cast, or worse, puncture the skin and potential lead to infection if not immediately treated. Using state of the art innovation, research, and engineering, Sani-Cast has developed a product that’s custom made to address not only the issue of maintaining good hygiene while wearing a cast, but the resultant problem of itchy skin underneath the cast. Sani-Cast has knocked out both problems with one stone, recognizing that the build up of grime and sweat is a major contributing factor to cast itch. Using an ergonomically designed reach applicator and moistened cleansing pads, Sani-Cast has created a safe, reliable, and effective product to maintain proper […]

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Itchy Cast Relief

Itchy cast relief is like an oasis in the desert to the weary cast wearer.The two root causes of an itchy cast—decaying skin and lack of cleaning—are compounded by the psychological factor of knowing that even when the skin itches, it can’t be scratched.  Not without some inventive and clever thinking, at least.  This usually results in the cast wearer running to the kitchen in search of a long handled spoon or some other slender utensil with a long reach.  More often than not these strategies end in disaster, with the item becoming lost and irretrievable inside the cast, or the wearer causing more damage to the broken limb or the cast itself. Don’t fall victim to the pitfalls of searching for itchy cast relief. Sani-Cast has everything required to combat cast smell and itch.  Like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day, Sani-Cast brings fast and nearly effortless release from the confining sensation of wearing a cast.  Easy to use and innovatively designed, Sani-Cast is guaranteed to properly clean and sooth the skin underneath your cast.  It’s only a matter of time before tiny pins and needles start lighting itchy fires underneath a cast, and without the means to dispel them, that little camp fire can swell to a five alarm inferno in no time fast. In response to the age-old quest to itchy cast relief, Sani-Cast can be successfully used by adults and children alike. Due to its simplistic design and ease of use, the unfortunate cast-wearer will no longer have to suffer so much from the un-scratchable itch, or worry about causing more harm by rigging an off-the-cuff solution to the problem.  Wearing a cast is debilitating and stressful […]

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Cast Itch Relief

What’s worse than an itch you can’t scratch? For those hard to reach places you’re only momentarily out of luck, until you can enlist a helping hand or get to that back scratcher. What about the itch that just can’t be scratched, though? Sani-Cast has the solution. Cast itch relief is a familiar want to anyone who’s spent time laid-up with a broken limb, and it’s the worst kind of itch there is. The cast-wearer has two options: ignore it, or find some foreign object lying around the house that you can jam inside the cast in hopes of reaching, and scratching, that itchy skin. The former is simply impossible, while the latter is not only ill-advised, but could potentially cause damage to the cast or the broken limb inside of it. Cast itch relief is one of Sani-Cast’s top priorities, borne out of a very simple understanding that every man, woman, and child who sets foot, leg, or arm into a cast, is at some point going to have itch under the cast that they can’t get to. Sani-Cast alleviates the itch like a bucket of cool water over a campfire, eliminating not only the itchy irritation, but also the need to race around the house in search of something long enough and skinny enough to fit inside the cast. Sani-Cast was expertly designed for just this very purpose: to eradicate the prickly itches beneath a cast by snuffing them out as they occur, and reducing the potential for return. Using a safe and sanitary Reach Applicator, the user can access their maddening tickles with ease, immediately satisfying their need for cast itch relief. Sani-Cast also provides preventative measures that strike at the root […]

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