The original under cast cleanse

Get instant relief by cleaning under your cast to eliminate cast itch and odor

Sani-Cast is a first of its kind under-cast cleanser, and recognized as a breakthrough in gentle cast hygiene. Created and patented to provide instant relief from the inevitable discomfort caused by being unable to clean the skin covered by an orthopedic cast, 4 out of 5 orthopedic professionals surveyed recommend Sani-Cast to wipe away dead skin cells and bacteria that lead to cast itch and odor.

Here’s what the the doc says about it:

What makes Sani-Cast great?

Sani-Castâ„¢ works!

  • No mess, easy to use
  • Effective formula
  • Safe and gentle on skin and cast
  • Sanitizes, conditions, and deodorizes
  • Removes dead skin and bacteria
  • Leaves skin feeling fresh

With so many unsanitary household objects being used to scratch under a cast, Sani-Cast provides cast-wearers a better, safer alternative specifically designed to be inserted under most casts and wipe away the odor-causing bacteria that makes casts so unpleasant. This under-cast cleansing kit is available online and at retail pharmacies throughout the US.

Question to ask yourself about cast itches:

  • If your cast itches, couldn’t it be because you have not cleaned your skin in weeks?

  • Does letting your skin go uncleaned for several weeks seem like a good idea?

  • Wouldn’t you love to have a safe & gentle method to wipe out the sweat and bacteria under a cast?


People with skin left unclean say their cast itches

While you are recovering a broken bone, Sani-Cast makes cast odor a thing of the past.

It’s patented (USPTO #: 8,273,064), accepted by the American Society of Orthopedic Professionals (, and loved by cast-wearers!

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