Megan C. from Syracuse, NY said:

If you have a cast and you are not using this device, you are missing out on a clean/smell free cast. My son loves this product. I cant wait to tell his orthopedic surgeon about this thing. Holy cow does this make life easier dealing with a cast. Thank you to whomever invented this kit… It really works!!!

Sani Cast
April 2, 2012
John M. from Phoenix, AZ said:

It was bad enough having a broken leg in Phoenix, AZ in the summer. I got around pretty well on crutches but it was impossible to not sweat. Sani Cast gave me the peace of mind that I needed. I was able to keep the embarrassing odor to a minimum. Well worth it!

Sani Cast
March 19, 2012
Bob R. from Syracuse, NY said:

Our 3 year old boy broke his right arm which did not slow him down much. We tried as best we could to keep it covered and clean but he still managed to collect just about everything. Sani-Cast really worked and made the whole cast wearing thing a breeze.

Sani Cast
February 22, 2012
M. Wilson from , TX said:

I broke my leg playing football about a month ago. I began searching online right away, knowing what I was in for. This wasn’t my first cast but I can tell you this was the first time I used sani cast. No itching or odor 5 weeks into wearing a cast. Every Doctor should hand these out with every cast. This product literally wipes out cast itch and odor. Thank you very much!

Sani Cast
January 21, 2012
Stephanie K. from Fort Wayne, IN said:

As a Cast Technician it is nice to finally offer something to our patient’s that helps them control under cast hygiene. It is simple, affordable and it works. Sani-Cast definitely made my job more pleasant too. That dirty sock smell is drastically reduced when you use the Sani-Cast cleansing kit! I highly recommend it!

Sani Cast
January 9, 2012
Brendon T. Westlake from , OH said:

Thank goodness I am able to keep jogging with my fractured wrist. Sani-Cast allowed me to get under there and keep it clean by wiping out dirt, grime and sweat. Fresh and clean every day is the only way. Two thumbs up for Sani-Cast!

Sani Cast
November 2, 2011